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I Said I Loved Him; I Said Goodbye

I will NOT be that woman. You know, the one who makes all the wrong choices and then takes on the role of victim? No thank you. Accountability. Am I right ladies? I made the wrong choice in marrying my ex-husband and… Read More

A Wait and See

Another eve of the New Year is upon us. 2018 was a year spent on a roller coaster ride with a gentlemen that has ended with a wait and see. A wait and see on his end. As I reflect over the… Read More

An In Between Love

I said good bye. But he said it was not good bye. That is what he said. And so I am waiting on whatever it is that is not good bye. What is it? What is it that compels us to love?… Read More

Sometimes I Feel an Echo

via Daily Prompt: Echo Sometimes I hear an echo, only it is not quite a sound but rather a memory. Or perhaps a memory of a feeling. Like yesterday, when I saw him standing there and I felt a giddy sensation of… Read More

Remembering Love

She had loved him. It was as though she were waking up from a long sleep to these feelings that she had held for this man all along. Feelings that had been buried, suppressed, in a deep, deep sleep. The wrongs committed… Read More