I will NOT be that woman. You know, the one who makes all the wrong choices and then takes on the role of victim? No thank you. Accountability. Am I right ladies? I made the wrong choice in marrying my ex-husband and… Read More

Another eve of the New Year is upon us. 2018 was a year spent on a roller coaster ride with a gentlemen that has ended with a wait and see. A wait and see on his end. As I reflect over the… Read More

There’s a picture of Jesus in my junk drawer. It’s actually Nanny’s picture of Jesus but Nanny’s been dead for fifteen years now. I inherited it along with her red pocket thesaurus and blue poodle made of pipe cleaners that stood in… Read More

I am listening to Tony Robins right now. He’s my occasional guy. Right now, with the new year fast approaching, I’ve rekindled our relationship. He is asking me to write down any given emotions I feel in a week. Can you imagine?… Read More

I said good bye. But he said it was not good bye. That is what he said. And so I am waiting on whatever it is that is not good bye. What is it? What is it that compels us to love?… Read More

John McWhorter gives an interesting and engaging Ted Talk about texting and how many bemoan the way in which texting is dumbing us down. Well, not me. I don’t text. Although, now that I am following those butterflies (my super cute phrase… Read More

I have an aversion to profanity. I do. My fifteen-year-old son would have me subscribe to the attitude that a word is just a word. I will not. I must draw the line somewhere, and profanity is that line. Imagine my shock… Read More

I decided eight weeks ago that I would pursue an MA in English for three different reasons. The first is that I am a single mother, and during the weekends when my children are away, I find myself under the covers “binge-racing”… Read More

via Daily Prompt: Echo Sometimes I hear an echo, only it is not quite a sound but rather a memory. Or perhaps a memory of a feeling. Like yesterday, when I saw him standing there and I felt a giddy sensation of… Read More

We have played together underneath the sky so big, so wide. Underneath sunshine we have played in the surf, foamy delight, white surf. I take their little hands – one, two, and three – and we walk through waves. We are pushed and pulled and… Read More